For the area of cryptanalysis, SciEngines can offer RIVYERA-compatible FPGA chip designs (IP-cores) for addressing more than 80 targets. The designs are available standalone or as a turn-key solution in combination with reconfigurable computing hardware and user-friendly interfaces and tools. Please be advised that below examples of available IP-cores are in most cases for government use only and are relevant for

  • digital forensics


  • surveillance

  • cyber-defense

  • computer network operations

At the same time, users from academia or enterprises working in the IT-security field, e.g. penetration testers or R&D teams testing encryption products, may also benefit from such systems or SciEngines hardware to accelerate their own applications.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help or – in case of government users – schedule a remote-testing of the RIVYERA-based cryptanalysis systems. Alternatively, please click below to request a full catalogue of supported cryptanalysis targets and technical detail information.