SciEngines’ main focus is high performance computing and IT-security, more specifically cryptanalysis, for which we offer complete turn-key solutions. But, other computationally intensive fields like financial mathematics, engineering, and natural sciences (e.g. geo sciences or bioinformatics) can also benefit from efficient HPC capabilities. Common to all of those application fields is the major cost-factor of computational power and at the same time the competitive advantage and innovation resulting from computational power. SciEngines FPGA-hardware can serve as a user-friendly platform technology for accelerating a variety of applications and creating new special-purpose computing solutions.

Accelerated Hardware Platform

SciEngines COPACOBANA and RIVYERA hardware platform technology serves as the basis for accelerating software and analysis steps in all other fields. For information about the hardware, please see the product pages of our current models.

SciEngines RIVYERA S6-LX150 TED - Top View

Natural Sciences

Applications in Natural Sciences

In processing-intensive fields like bioinformatics or computational biology, computational power is crucial for the quantity of cases processed but can also determine the sensitivity and quality of specific results. Higher quality results not only reduce the scientists manual effort and time spent in post-processing but also have positive effects that are less easy to quantify. Especially if medical applications are considered, an additional safeguard and clear use of best practices is without alternative. Specifically for genetic sequence analysis, SciEngines can provide ready-made software for running an accelerated version of Smith-Waterman or BLAST but we are also happy to discuss a custom development or cooperation.


Todays financial markets and specific valuations are fluctuating rapidly and external shocks can occur at any time. Very quick (re)analysis can become necessary to adequately react short term or to optimize strategies in the long term. From specific applications like derivatives pricing based on Monte-Carlo methods to general capabilities like large-scale correlation analysis, many modern tools of computational finance rely on computational power. Please note that SciEngines standard models and custom developments may have different degrees of suitability for low-latency, compute-intensive and data-intensive applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Financial Applications

IT Security

SciEngines Cryptanalysis Solutions

SciEngines accelerated systems already cover a large number of IT-security related applications. Not only government-institutions may benefit from cryptanalysis capabilities but also companies that want to either conduct penetration testing exercises to harden their own systems and any entity that might want to assure the strength of their users passwords by constantly challenging their own password databases. At the same time, the computational power of the RIVYERA platform can also serve as a basis for tasks like encryption or intrusion detection. Please also refer to our IT Security Solutions pages.