SciEngines is a young, innovation-driven company located in Kiel, Germany. The company was founded in 2007 on the vision that we can satisfy the computational needs in science and engineering.

Although High Performance Computing (HPC) and FPGA technology are not new, we believe that the combination of both is an attractive alternative for unaffordable or inaccessible supercomputers. Our FPGA-based massive parallel high performance computers are designed to scale up the advantageous cost-performance ratio and power-performance ratio of single FPGAs into the massively parallel level.

SciEngines offers reconfigurable high performance computers for computationally demanding applications. Superior performance is achieved by combining the advantages of both, FPGA technology and massively parallel architectures. By this, we develop computing platforms with highest performance for an extremely competitive price and provide customers with those additional resources that can lead to a competitive edge or the next big breakthrough in science.

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